The Table of Contents

Define Partner Peggy Hartsook5
Just what defines a partnership? Words or deeds? A difficult case tests the idea for Peter and Neal.

One Year, Twelve Days and Two Hours Catherine Schlein35
There are times you remember with great joy, and moments you wish you could forget. The team remembers the loss of one of their own, but things are not always as they seem. A surprising turn of events brings a change.

The Crime Meridian Pamela Smith61
Stolen maps lead Neal and Peter on a merry chase for a master thief with murder and mayhem along the way.

A Tour with Organized Crime Peggy Hartsook79
Peter is sent upstairs to take lead on the Organized Crime Team and all does not go well. That team is in disarray and Peter finds the job very difficult -- and dangerous. Peterís team, and Neal, in particular, find it frustrating not to have their leader around -- and wonder if he will be allowed to return.

Of Time Spent in a City Different Catherine Schlein129
Nealís four years are up with the FBI, and with Peter heading a new team, Neal finds himself questioning what he should do. It is, ultimately, that time when he must decide: Con or Man. And he finds he canít do it in New York.

A Life for a Life Mary C. Jodziewicz153
When Peter goes missing, it is up to Neal and the rest of the team to find him. The question is, who took him and why? Can they find him in time?

The Road That Might Have Been Catherine Schlein195
Some junior grade forgeries lead Peter and Neal to a murdered con man and ultimately into an undercover sting. Burke has his Seven, but Neal has a Brotherhood. Peter learns of Nealís past and Neal is forced to face memories heíd just as soon forget.

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