Millionaire playboy Oliver Queen was on a ship that went down at sea, and he was presumed dead, but five years later, he's rescued from a deserted island and he came back a much different man than when he left. Now, he's determined to do good, to make up for his family's evilness that their extreme wealth let them get away with, to protect Starling City with all his might even if he has to do it in secret, in the guise of a hooded man, armed with arrows he can shoot with astonishing accuracy. Known first as The Hood, then later as The Arrow, Oliver Queen must balance the two sides of his life, continue to play the wealthy bad boy by day while being an honest superhero in the dark, without letting either side find out about the other.

From the amazing mind of B.N. Fish comes a gen collection of stories that run the gamut of this series, from right after Oliver's rescue up to his dedication to a life of good as The Arrow and beyond. With laughter and tears, some drama and a bit of darkness, come enter into the life of The Arrow as he protects Starling City, as well as his heart, from those that would do it wrong.

Type: gen

Quiver 1 cover
Issue 1