Fine Again

The Table of Contents

The Cabin Nancy R.3
Daniel, seeking answers, joins Jack at his cabin.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Carlyn27
SG-1 returns to Hak'tyl, accompanying Janet Fraiser on her six month follow up with the female Jaffa who reside there. While Janet runs tests to check the effectiveness of the women's Tretonin therapy, Daniel seeks to keep his promise and reconnect with the young warrior-trainee, Nesa. Nesa has her own plans for the visit, however. Plans that could ultimately spell disaster for Jack and Daniel.

Ship of Love Storyhaus119
Jack, Daniel, and stormy seas ahead. The Titanic was never like this....

Stranded Babs and Denny J.146
SG-1 must integrate into a strange new society when they become cut off from Earth.

Redemption Jillie272
Surviving a friend's betrayal and being stranded far, far away from home, Jack learns how to start over and what makes the world turn.


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