Falling Inside

The Table of Contents

Black and Blue Storyhaus3
Jack and Daniel are being suspiciously evasive about an injury.

Almost There Nancy Richardson11
Daniel helps an injured Jack home.

Eye of the Beholder Babs22
Sam has to observe her teammates go through an off-world ritual.

Dangerous Whispers Samantilles41
Earth is a noisy planet, sending all those signals into space. Someone, somewhere, might be listening. But what -- or whom -- are they listening to?

Sharp Dressed Man Storyhaus46
Never send a woman to do a Jaffa's job.

Entombed Carlyn53
Daniel gets in over his head.

A Tangled Web Eilidh83
A newly descended Daniel Jackson catches the interest of the Tok'ra. But with the Tok'ra, things are never as they seem.

Beware That Which Commands Us Eilidh, Bailyes, Amberfly, Denny J...144
In the wake of Reese and the attack on the SGC by the replicators, strange events begin to happen. And they all seem to revolve around Daniel.


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