The Table of Contents

Spock's Legacy Robin WalkerStar Trek (TOS) 4
In Thine Image Debbie PainterStar Trek (TOS) 6
Computer Adventurings Barbara BensonDr. Who 12
Daughter of the Gift Karen HawkinsStar Trek (TOS) 16
A Study in Guilt Rebecca SmitheyStar Trek (TOS) 21
The Day After Robin Walker Star Trek (TOS) 22
Writing is Easy Gene FowlerPoem 24
Invasion of the Jelly Babies Michael McKelveyDr. Who 25
101 Things to Do with a Jelly Baby Millie N. HawkeDr. Who 26
Doin' the Universe Robin Walker & Jim BlairStar Trek (TOS) 28
The Morning of the Second Day Debbie PainterStar Trek (TOS) 30
When Thinking of Star Trek Robin WalkerStar Trek (TOS) 35
Doin' It...on Board Ship Robin Walker & Jim BlairStar Trek (TOS) 36
For the Record Ron LeeStar Trek (TOS) 39
By Reason of Insanity Debbie PainterStar Trek (TOS) 40
Doin' It...on the Enterprise Robin Walker & Jim BlairStar Trek (TOS) 75
Khantemplation Robin WalkerStar Trek (TOS) 77
We Got Troubles Rebecca SmitheyStar Trek (TOS) 79

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