The Table of Contents

The Kid Speaks Editorial1
Duel at Devil's Hole Sue Wells2
Sanctuary Juli Cleveland18
A Favor For the Friend of a Friend Lynn Gill19
Sympathy for the Outlaws Sue-Anne Hartwick34
Rest In Peace Deja35
Moustache Sue-Anne Hartwick44
A Study in Contrasts Juli Cleveland45
Sometimes When We Touch Erika Frensley46
A Night Out With the Boys Corinna Hansen68
Gypsies, Trust and Thieves Shiloh70
Dream Girl Sue-Anne Hartwick88
No, Lom, It's Really Me Dee Beetem90
Lom Trevor's Reverie Juli Cleveland95
Tenderfeet Erika Frensley and Dee Beetem96
Incident at the Lucky Dollar Saloon E. Smith and S. Jones113
Grandpa Curry Sue-Anne Hartwick118
Coming of Age Joyce Strohm119
Let's Make a Deal Juli Cleveland135
Just Another Universal City Working Day Janet Busell136
Longshot Erika Frensley137
To a Hollywood Cowboy, Lately Departed Jane Tesh141


Cathy SchleinFront Cover
Ginny Daye24, 75
Erika Frensley94, 121, 127, 131, 145
C.J. Hansen29, 35, 38, 40, 72, 78, 85
Renae Ransdorf87, 89, 103, 108, 138
Melody Rondeau116
Cathy Schlein48
Diane Stein2, 8, 11, 17
Margaret McNickleBack Cover

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