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The boy who became the great leader Alexander the Great grew up with a boy named Hephaestion, and the two were life-long friends as well as lovers. With him through the most horrific wars, Hephaestion became Alexander's second-in-command after a hard-won campaign in China, and was ever at Alexander's side. In this amazingly thick zine, you'll find stories from all different points of the two men's lives: as boys, meeting each other for the first time, as best friends in young manhood, as well as men in deep, abiding love with each other. Come experience a love like no other in the tales of this zine, and you'll know why, after more than 2,000 years, Alexander's and Hephaestion's relationship is still used as a yardstick against which other loves are measured and usually found wanting. Don't miss this fantastic zine!