The Table of Contents

Something More Tropical Paradise Hawaii 5-0 1
Private Lessons, Secret Places Merlin Robin of Sherwood 19
What Price Honor? Debra Hicks The A-Team 23
Songs of Innocence I/
Songs of Experience I
Rachel Duncan Blake's 7 34
An Unusual Place of Business Velvet Shadow Miami Vice 35
When Yin and Yang Meet Velvet Shadow Miami Vice 46
Moonlight Windy War of the Worlds 48
A Private Episode Natasha Barry Thirtysomething 55
Songs of Innocence II/
Songs of Experience II
Rachel Duncan Blake's 7 66
Free Fallin'...Safe Landing Rosemary Callahan Miami Vice 67
Young Love Robyn LaSalle Young Guns 94
First Step Sue-Anne Hartwick Lethal Weapon 105
Kegels and Locks Al Chenoweth The Professionals 109
Lovesong Jackie Edwards Mancuso FBI 112

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