The Table of Contents

Ambrosia Starr CopelandWiseguy 4
Chaapa'ai Starr CopelandStargate SG-1 4
Bullets or Blossoms Maxine Blythe CurryThe Professionals 5
Black Bird Dovya BlacqueInterview with a Vampire 26
Burning Blue Maxine Blythe CurryThe Professionals 27
Confessions After a Fashion Dovya BlacqueBlake's 7 50
A Billion Angels Screaming Dovya BlacqueThe X-Files 51
The Judas Rule Dovya BalcqueWiseguy 71
Black and White Time DahlquistStar Trek (TOS) 72
15 Years On Dovya BlacqueThe Equalizer 73
Whirlwind Maxine Blythe CurryThe Professionals 85
Buried Treasure Starr CopelandseaQuest DSV 86
An Angel Standing By Time DahlquistKindred: The Embraced 87
Dusk Dovya BlacqueMiami Vice 103
Sun Shadows Dovya BlacqueWiseguy 104
A New Horizon Dovya BlacqueNew Adventures of Superman
/ Batman Forever
Transformation Dovya BlacqueLaw and Order 152
To Find the Sky Dovya BlacqueTaxi 153
One Unexpected Morning Starr CopelandStar Trek (TOS) 166
A Sort of Homecoming Allisa Raven StarkMiami Vice 167
The Gift Dovya BlacqueThe Fugitive 180
The Lazarus Heart Dovya BlacqueDue South 181
Robin's Roost Dovya BlacqueBatman Forever 189
Deconstruction Starr CopelandThe X-Files 190
Spoons Dovya BlacqueStargate SG-1 191
Remembrance Arlan SymonsStar Wars 207
One Word Dovya BlacqueBlake's 7 221
A Devotion of Hues Dovya BlacqueInterview with a Vampire 222
Better Friends Allisa Raven StarkFriends 223
Transcending Limbo Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 236
The Noble Truth of Sorrows Dovya BlacqueStargate SG-1 237
The Glue Man Starr CopelandMiami Vice 248
The Toes Knows Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 249
A World in Us Allisa Raven StarkFriends 259
What Friends are For Allisa Raven StarkFriends 271
Save Me Dovya BlacqueThe Sentinel 291

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