The Table of Contents

Safeguards Sheila Paulson3
In the Presence of Death A.C.21
The Book, Chapter One: Sam Lost23
Repercussion Elyse Dickenson29
Bone of Contention JJJunky31
Shelter Five Tracey LeCates47
Moments of Regret Scribe59
The Book, Chapter Two: Jack Lost64
Shal' Tac Bruni Rasche69
Facade Momoftoad107
Like Herding Cats Kelly Baker114
On Raven's Wings Kel115
The Book, Chapter Three: Daniel Lost127
Shifting Sands Anne Sullivan132
Keeping It in the Room: Sam Kelly Barker148
Forks in the Road Wendy Parkinson149
Playing for Keeps Pho161
Mistakes Marcia Brin181
The Book, Chapter Four: Teal'c Lost187
Keeping It in the Room: Jack Kelly Barker192
A Hundred and One Days Gracie193


J.M. McClurefront cover

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