The Table of Contents

Family R.J. Miller3
Snips and Snails... Momoftoad23
Reflections on Edora Marcia Brin42
A Day at the Mall Sheila Paulson45
Threes: Ver. SG-1 Rowan56
House of Mirrors Patricia O'Cain58
The Real Thing JJJunky83
Losses and Gains Kelly Barker87
Forgiveness Lost and Moonie88
Perspectives Susie Warren105
Sonnet for a Scholar Jari L. James111
The Oath R.J. Miller112
Afterthoughts Elyse Dickenson115
Counterpoise K. Hanna Korossy121
Keeping Up Appearances Susie Warren129
Pros and Cons Kelly Barker133
God Forms Jari L. James135
Comrades Anna Man136
Choices Kaliope177
A Change of Heart Kelly Barker189


Mike Colefront cover
Jeanne McClure4, 68, 82, 86, 188
R.J. Miller22, 55, 110, 134

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